MIDDLE PAXTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — Residents in Middle Paxton Township, Dauphin County, are the latest to learn that their trash pick-up bills are rising.

In their case, trash rates are due to nearly double to almost $600 per year for weekly collection of trash and recycling. That’s what Waste Management plans to charge beginning Oct. 1.

Middle Paxton Township isn’t alone. Derry Township, for one, saw its rates skyrocket in April.

Middle Paxton Township says it had no choice — it has to provide trash service, it asked for bids, and it only got two. Waste Management was “the lowest responsible bid,” the township said, according to a letter the township sent to residents. Township Manager Julie Seeds told abc27 News the township worked hard to even get two competing bids.

“I don’t fault the town,” said Kevin Macomber, a resident. “The town had to have trash pickup for us.”

But that doesn’t mean he thinks it’s a good deal. And he said the increase — from $83.70 per quarter for to $148.50 — far outpaces overall inflation. The increase for residents who pay per bag collected, rather than for unlimited service, was even more on a percentage basis.

Macomber said although he doesn’t think he should have to pay the new rates, he doesn’t live paycheck to paycheck and could pay it if forced.

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“My concern remains for the little guy,” he said “This is a very average community, meaning a cross-section of America. And people are really struggling right now. The little guy, particularly if it’s somebody who’s disabled, they’re elderly, they’re on some type of government, fixed income — they don’t have the bandwidth for those kinds of price increases.”

Waste Management said its cost increases go beyond just the rising costs of diesel fuel — of its highs but still higher than during most of the past decade — and rising hourly wage rates. It said on top of all that, to help attract and retain employees, it’s offering up to $12,000 toward college and other courses for its employees and their spouses and dependents.

“Middle Paxton Township residents will be paying less than $50 a month to have two trucks, with highly trained and competitively paid crew members, arrive at their homes eight times a month to make their waste and recycling disappear,” said John Hambrose, a spokesman for the company’s mid-Atlantic region. “This is a good deal.”

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Macomber said at the advice of his state representative, he contacted the offices of the state attorney general and auditor general and is awaiting responses from them.