CAMP HILL, Pa. (WHTM) – John Cominsky, the Principal of Trinity High School, is going to walk 100 miles in 72 hours to raise money for ongoing building projects at the school and Saint Francis Soup Kitchen in Harrisburg.

The walk, Shamrock 100, will include students, faculty, parents, and alumni who want to join him and walk as many miles as they would like from April 14-16. Donations are accepted here.

There is a story behind the walk, it began when Cominsky was diagnosed with COVID pneumonia and admitted to the hospital in 2021.

“I went to the hospital. I had to sit on the floor and shuffle to the car. Because I had such bad pneumonia that I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t take steps. So, taking steps is a big deal,” said Cominsky.

When he was discharged, recovery wasn’t easy, but he says he had the help us his family and his Trinity family.

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“I just sort of promised God if ‘I could get me out of here. I promise to make the best choices I can try to make here on out, a step in the right direction,'” said Cominsky.

He started walking 10,000 steps a day after some co-workers got together and bought him a smartwatch. That turned into 15,000 steps a day and today, Cominsky said he is averaging 20,000 steps a day.

“And as I walked, I had a lot of time to think. The people here at Trinity. They were wonderful when I was sick, and when our baby was born. I’m invested as a principal, I went to school here. I want to give back. And I decided to do it with walking, which was so hard to do two years ago,” Cominsky said.

Which is how the Shamrock 100 started.

“The kids are what it’s all about. It’s why we come to school. And so, you know, we want to build a better and better program for them. But I wanted them involved,” said Cominsky.