HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM)– A loaded gun was found at the Harrisburg International Airport (MDT) during a security screening, making it the fifth one found by officials this year.

A Pennsylvania woman who had a .380 caliber handgun in her carry-on bag was stopped by airport security at a checkpoint on Sunday, according to a news release from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

After the gun was found, police were alerted and they discovered that the firearm was loaded with a chambered round.

This was the fifth time this year TSA officers have found a gun at MDT security checkpoints. Most recently, another woman from Pennsylvania was stopped by officers on May 23 with a loaded 9mm handgun in her carry-on bag.

“Firearms and any other prohibited items such as weapons cannot go through airport security checkpoints,” TSA Deputy Federal Security Director Don Weston said in a statement. “As the summer travel volume continues to rise, these types of incidents present a danger to our dedicated workforce, and the surrounding public. We encourage all travelers to know the exact location of their firearm at all times and to pack their luggage starting with a completely empty bag to ensure there are no prohibited items enclosed.”

People who bring their weapons with them to a checkpoint can face a civil penalty of up to $15,000 and this includes those who have concealed carry permits because they do not allow a firearm to be carried on a plane.

How to properly store a firearm so it can be transported on a plane can be found on TSA’s website.