CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — The 2022-23 school year just started, and the Upper Allen Police Department has already received multiple reports of drivers not stopping for school buses with their flashing red lights on.

National School Bus Safety Week, Oct. 17-21, is just over two months away, and the Upper Allen Police want to remind drivers that they are required by law to stop for a school bus with its lights on.

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Yellow signal lights on a school bus mean you must carefully drive past the bus while being prepared to stop at any point.

Red signal lights mean you must stop at least 10 feet before reaching the school bus. Remain at a complete stop until the flashing red lights are turned off. When a bus is stopped at an intersection with its red lights on, all directions of the intersection must stop.

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These requirements apply to all roads unless they are physically separated, such as with a guard rail or concrete center barrier.