Everyone wants their dream house. Army Sgt. Lyndon Sampang and his family are finally getting it. Homes for Our Troops is building the veteran a custom, accessible home in Gettysburg.

“Overwhelmed,” said Sgt. Lyndon Sampang. “I’m grateful…Look at all of these people.”

More than 100 volunteers took on the rain and mud to finish up landscaping Saturday. 

“This morning, we came out here and there was dirt, and a couple of hours later, you have this beautiful, green, pretty much ready to move in home,” said Barbie Papillo, a close family friend and volunteer.

The dad of two had the bottom half of his leg amputated, after sustaining injuries while serving in Afghanistan.

His wife Cindy Sampang says getting around hasn’t been easy.

“The house that we have is, we have a basement and stairs, and probably, more than ten times he fell down the stairs,” said Cindy Sampang.

The new home has more than 40 adaptations, including lower countertops. 

“Everything is one floor,” said Cindy Sampang. “No stairs, wide doors, no carpets. The shower…it’s huge.”

“Thank you is not enough. They’re doing everything they can to help a wounded soldier,” said Sgt. Lyndon Sampang. “Everything is adaptable. I can’t wait to see the inside.”

The Sampangs want to remember everyone who helped them, so they’re having volunteers sign the window frame in their garage.

“They’re so giving,” said Papillo. “They’ll help anybody out.”

The Sampangs are looking forward to spending sunny days outdoors in Gettysburg.

“We’re going to enjoy and love this yard,” said Cindy Sampang.

“I can go around now,” said Sgt. Lyndon Sampang. “Flat ground, level. It’ll be fun. I can’t wait.”

Planners say the inside should be ready for a big reveal and move-in next month.