WARNING: This story contains sensitive topics and alludes to inappropriate language. We recommend using discretion.

PERRY COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) – A flying four-letter word has Perry County neighbors upset. They’re concerned about political displays that they call inappropriate.

A Carroll Township home has a F*** Biden flag flying outside that’s drawing some criticism from neighbors like Chris O’Neill.

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“I just think that’s disrespectful to everybody who lives here,” O’Neill said.

He wants to see it taken down.

“Here in my little community we have people with kids who drive past it every day, so I just thought that really crosses a line,” O’Neill said.

When he reached out to Caroll Township about it, he got a response from them that said, in part:

“We have discussed this with the state police as well as our solicitor and there is very little to be done about the situation. The township doesn’t possess the authority to tell a resident what they can or can’t say or display on their private property.”

O’Neill understands that everyone has a right to free speech, but he also believes more could be done.

“I don’t have a problem with free speech. I think when it crosses into vulgarity, something that you wouldn’t want your kids to see every day, I think it goes too far,” O’Neill said.

The township did tell him several others have raised concerns about political vulgarity displayed in the area. Many of them specifically complained about a stand selling political paraphernalia with inappropriate language.

The flags being sold have phrases like “Jo and the ** got to go” and “Trump 2024 the revenge tour.”

Tony Kegg works at that stand.

“What they say is what they say. It’s just an opinion,” Kegg said. “Hey, I gotta make a living somehow you know?”

Nathan Sobczyk was one of the people who stopped by the stand to buy a flag.

“I’m not offended by it. I don’t see why anybody else should be offended by it,” Sobczyk said. “Everybody has their own rights to do what they want on their own property. If you don’t like it look the other way.”

The man that lives at the home that’s flying the flag says he doesn’t care if neighbors don’t like the flag and don’t plan to take it down.

“I just have to pass by it every day which is just disappointing.”

O’Neill also points out that the township ordinance says campaign signs need to be down a week after the election. So he thinks Trump 2020 and Biden 2020 signs should come down, too, but the township tells him they don’t consider those election signs.

Carroll Township did not respond to abc27’s requests for comment.