HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A Midstate lawmaker could be a major player in Washington D.C. in the next two years.

Republican Congressman Scott Perry is the chair of the conservative Freedom Caucus. But what are the caucus and its goals?

“Our mission statement is to speak for the millions of Americans who feel that Washington D.C. doesn’t hear their voice and has left them behind,” said Perry.

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According to Perry, there are two requirements to join the caucus. “You have to be willing to challenge your own leadership and you have to be able to get to yes. Those are the two things.”

But critics insist the Freedom Caucus is a caucus of “no,” and call its members obstructionists. Perry admits that business-as-usual is not acceptable to the Freedom Caucus, especially when it comes to Republican leadership.

“We’re for anyone that is willing to empower members to represent their districts, but we’re going to have a problem with anyone that chooses to just maintain the status quo. Everybody ran to come to Washington because Washington’s broken. Why would you just come here and then fall right in line and do the exact same thing that have been done since before you got here? That doesn’t fix anything,” Perry said.

With the GOP’s razor-thin majority in the U.S. House, Perry’s Freedom Caucus could be a power broker.

When asked about how many members the Freedom Caucus has Perry said, “It’s classified because Washington D.C. is a numbers game, so I would say it’s more than 35 but less than 50.”

What are Perry’s plans for course-correction based on election results?

“Certainty, I will look at election results, but it’s a snapshot in time, at a moment. And issues come and issues go, and so you have to take them one-on-one as they come to you and make the best choice that you can and work hard through it. Of course I’ve always pledged to do that and I think voters, whether agree with me or not on occasion, respect the fact that I come, I work for them, I listen to their concerns and I work hard to have their voices heard,” Perry concluded.

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The Freedom Caucus was formed at a meeting in Hershey, Pennsylvania in January 2015.