(WHTM) — The weather has been up and down over the past few weeks, and gardeners are ready to get to work. But is it time to start planting yet?

Temperatures during the day have been on the rise recently in the Midstate, but the low temperatures at night mean it’s not the right time to start planting just yet.

“It’s actually all temperature related, most plants that you put outside can’t handle temperatures under 40 degrees, some even higher than that. Most of your common flowers will likely wither,” said Kathy Quarles, manager at Stauffers of Kissel Hill Home & Garden Store.

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Usually, mother’s day is about the right time to start gardening. But for some, that seems too far away.

“It’s because everybody is so anxious. After winter time everybody just wants to get outside. You walk in here you see a million plants and you’re like, ‘I want them all. I wanna plant them.’ But we just say to people, ‘Not yet. Just be patient. Keep it inside if you have to, in a sunny window, but don’t put it outside yet, if so you’re gonna have to watch it and cover it,'” Quarles added.

Although some flowers and vegetables can grow in cold temperatures, the temperature isn’t the only variable.

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“Actually, the main thing is location. So if you’re picking a plant that needs full sun, then you have to make sure you’re putting it in the full sun. That’s very important when you’re planting. And water, water, water,” Quarles said.

As the next few weeks pass by, be sure to check abc27’s weather forecasts before you start working on your garden