LANCASTER COUNTY (WHTM) – Three winning Treasure Hunt tickets from the Sunday, September 11 drawing will split a jackpot prize of $133,000.50.

The winning tickets were sold in Bucks, Lancaster, and Lycoming counties.

Each jackpot-winning ticket matched all five numbers drawn, 17-18-24-25-26, to win individual prizes of $44,333.50, less applicable withholding.

The winning tickets were sold by:

  • Smoker’s Express, 813 West Trenton Avenue, Morrisville, Bucks County;
  • Turkey Hill, 265 West State St., Quarryville, Lancaster County; and
  • Cogan Station Market, 3725 Lycoming Creek Road, Cogan Station, Lycoming County.

More than 39,200 other Treasure Hunt tickets won prizes in the drawing and the Pennsylvania Lottery says players should check every ticket, every time.

Winners are not known until prizes are claimed and tickets are validated. Treasure Hunt winners have one year from the drawing date to claim prizes. Winning tickets purchased at a Lottery retailer should immediately be signed on the back. Online winnings automatically appear in a player’s account after the claim has been processed.

To initiate an online prize claim, winners should call 1-800-692-7481. Players may visit for more information about how to file a claim.

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How to play Treasure Hunt: Players pay $1 and select five numbers from 1 to 30. Players may select their own numbers, or they may opt for computer-selected quick picks. Players must match all five numbers drawn to win the jackpot. Players also win prizes for matching two, three or four winning numbers. Treasure Hunt drawings are held seven days a week, and tickets can be purchased up to seven draws (one week) in advance. Chances of winning the jackpot prize are 1-in-142,506; the overall chances of winning any prize are about 1-in-5.45.