Retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant Glen Silva was wounded in Afghanistan on October 12, 2010, while he was on foot patrol.  Silva suffered severe injuries after he stepped on an improvised explosive device.  Silva, a husband and father of four,  lost his left leg and partial amputations of his left fingers and a traumatic brain injury.  

Getting around the house became very difficult for Silva, who also spends a lot of his time helping other wounded veterans.  The non-profit Homes For Our Troops is building Silva a new home that will include lower counter tops and wider hallways for wheelchair access. “At first I didn’t feel comfortable when I was told about the house,” said Silva, “But I was convinced by several people, that I needed to do what was best for me and my family.”

Homes For Our Troops has built 270 homes since the organization’s inception in 2004.  Officials say that it will take six to eight months to complete Silva’s new home.