YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — A York restaurant is closed for repairs due to broken water pipes, but instead of laying off workers during the holiday, the owner is compensating them to help others.

The Prince Street Cafe in York has been temporarily closed since a pipe in the building burst on Christmas Day.

“Our ceiling had fallen down in the back hallway and there was just a lot of water throughout the cafe,” cafe manager Christine Dyke said.

“It’s not every year that you’re going to get a week off right after Christmas, and so we figured this was a good opportunity,” said employee Ben Igo.

It was an opportunity to give back. While repairs are made, the owners are compensating employees who volunteer their time.

“The biggest thing I’m looking for is just perspective to be able to connect to the greater community here and be able to take a deeper dive into some of the struggles that people are having within the community,” Igo said.

On Wednesday, they worked with Friends & Neighbors of Pennsylvania, a nonprofit that serves the homeless.

“We’re walking around checking in on people, doing some basic health checks, making sure gear is holding with the weather we’ve been having,” explained Nick McMichael with Friends & Neighbors of Pennsylvania.

They also handed out personal hygiene items. And it doesn’t end there. On Thursday, a bigger crew from the cafe was planning to go to a recycling plant and help go through the recycling materials.

“I love working at the cafe. We see a lot of different people, but we’re closed off within those walls, so this is giving us a chance to expand that,” Igo said.

The manager said Prince Street Cafe will likely be closed through at least next week.