YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM)– A York County community is under a mandatory water conservation order and violators could face consequences.

According to a news release Monday from Hanover Borough, all non-essential water use is forbidden until the order is lifted.

The reason for the switch to mandatory comes after the lack of rainfall and a “standing DEP release requirement which maintains wildlife resources.”

Non-essential water use includes the following: watering gardens, lawns, flowers & golf courses; washing automobiles, trucks, trailers, vehicles, outdoor structures, streets, sidewalks, driveways, etc.; operating fountains; filling pools or spas; operating water-cooled AC which does not have built-in water conservation; using water from hydrants for construction purposes; flushing systems; and usage by commercial farms or nurseries other than the bare minimum to preserve stock.

Cooking, drinking, bathing, and flushing toilets are considered essential uses for water.

A first-time violation of the mandate will result in a warning, and those who are caught a second time will face penalties. A third violation could lead to a water shut-off or a water service restriction.

In September, the borough suspended bulk water sales and asked customers to voluntarily conserve water.

Customers will be notified by borough staff when restrictions are lifted and conditions have improved.