YORK TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) – A York County father has been charged with allegedly hitting his daughter with a car while intoxicated.

On May 1, police responded to a home on Dade Ct. for a report of a woman being run over by a car. The young woman told police who arrived on scene that her dad had run her over.

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The woman’s father, identified as Robert Troxel Jr. of Dallastown, told police he had been drinking shots of fireball. Troxel Jr. said the girl’s mother had snuck out of the house to smoke crack and he drove to pick her up. When returning, police say Troxel Jr. struck his daughter with the vehicle, causing her to fall and be injured.

Police say the woman suffered injuries to her right leg, right back area, and left arm. She told police she had blacked out from the accident but it wasn’t clear if she hit her head.

Police say Troxel Jr. stated everything he told police on body camera was what happened and did not deny the events described by police. He also said he did not intentionally injure his daughter. Police conducted a field sobriety test and said Troxel Jr. showed multiple signs of intoxication.

Troxel Jr. was arraigned on July 29 for 11 charges including aggravated assault, accidents involving personal injury, DUI, and simple assault. He’s scheduled for arraignment on September 1.

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