GOLDSBORO, Pa. (WHTM) – A pandemic hobby has become a habit for one Midstate Man.

Brian MacMinn was metal detecting about a week ago when he came across a treasure he couldn’t just keep, a 1969 Red Land class ring.

“I just got a new metal detector, was looking for somewhere to go it was nice out, so I went back to a place I’d been before several times just to see if I missed anything,” said MacMinn.

Well, it turns out, he did. He picked up a good signal along the line of an old schoolhouse and started to dig. Six inches down was the class ring.

“At first I thought it was a Marine’s ring or something but then as I looked closer, I thought I saw Red Land, so I cleaned it off,” said MacMinn.

Once he noticed it was a class ring with initials, he contacted Dominish Miller, the founder of the Newberry Historical Society.

“Brian occasionally will message me when he finds things metal detecting and this time, he sent me a message saying he found a Red Land High School class ring, he said it’s 1969, how do I find the owner?” said Miller.

With her help and multiple others, they tracked down the owner, Ken Slaseman.

To make the story even more interesting, the owner turns out to be Dominish Miller’s cousin.

The ring was returned to its rightful owner in a story the historical society hopes to do for people all over the midstate.