YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – Strong winds ripped through parts of York County on Monday including houses along Plank Road.

Terry Leisenring Jr. watched as his barn roof flew off and onto his neighbor’s yard across the street.

“The wind was howling coming this way past the house….I kept thinking I was waiting for the sound of a freight train, like a tornado,” said Leisenring.

Leisenring believes the tree in his neighbor’s yard stopped the barn debris from hitting his neighbor’s home.

“The wind was going by here so fast; I’ve never seen it that fast in my entire life,” said Leisenring.

The York County Office of Emergency Management says the southern part of York County was hit the hardest.

“Tree’s down, trees on wires, trees on vehicles and in a couple of instances trapping people inside their vehicles” said the York County office of Emergency Management public information officer, Ted Czech.

Czech says the damage assessment will be done early Tuesday morning and asks that people use caution.

“Stay clear of any powerlines that are down, whether you think there is no current going through….watch out for trees overhead because you might have stray branches,” said Czech.

Czech said after the storm power outages reached a height of 37,000 people.

As of Monday evening, 29,884 residents are without power.