(WHTM) – Another first day of school for some Midstate school districts. That includes some grades in the West York School District. But it doesn’t include three children whose dad says they should be going there.

This is the story of a house that, depending on what map you believe, is either partly or entirely in the West York School District, but whose owners for a hundred years have always paid taxes to York City Schools.

Nathan Fleming moved there expecting to put his kids on a West York bus that stops right on that block.

West York couldn’t enroll them because of how the school taxes go to York, but the closest elementary school there is a 1.8-mile walk away.

Fleming points to state rules requiring a bus if an elementary school is more than a 1.5-mile walk.

He also unearthed yet another old record showing the property in West York.

This is all very complex, but as far as we can tell, any solution would involve York City schools agreeing the walk is not convenient or maybe even safe and working things out with West York.

abc27 has been contacting York City all week with no reply. Today abc27 went there in person with Nathan Fleming.

He asked to meet with the superintendent and a receptionist said she would meet with him today, just not with abc27 in the room.

abc27 agreed and stepped out, this is what happened next.

Fleming said, “We were told that she could meet with us today, but then they came back and informed us that the next available appointment isn’t until August 28th at nine. So for the next week and a half, we’re not going to have any answer.”

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