YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — York County Regional Police Officers (YCRP) have been told to patrol local schools more often while classes are in session. Officers will park near school property while they do paperwork, foot patrols, and other tasks.

The plan is to help keep students safe during the school day by deterring anyone who may be thinking of committing crimes on school campuses.

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The YCPD asks you to not be alarmed if you see a marked patrol car parked at your local school. The officers are working on reports and other work while being near school property in the case of an emergency.

The list of schools that YCRP will be parking at during the school year is below.

  • Red Lion SR. High School
  • Red Lion Area Junior High School
  • Larry J. Macaluso Elementary School
  • Locust Grove Elementary School
  • Pleasant View Elementary School
  • Dallastown Area High School
  • Dallastown Area Middle School
  • Dallastown Area Intermediate School
  • Dallastown Elementary School
  • Leaders Heights Elementary School
  • Ore Valley Elementary School
  • York Township Elementary School
  • Northeastern High School
  • Northeastern Middle School
  • Shallow Brook Intermediate
  • Spring Forge Intermediate
  • Mount Wolf Elementary School
  • C.R. Orendorf Elementary School
  • York County School of Technology