YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — York County Republican Representative Seth Grove recently said the math surrounding Governor Josh Shapiro’s budget address does not add up.

Grove, the GOP chair of the Appropriations Committee, offered his viewpoints on Shapiro’s plan, saying the funding numbers do not match up.

Grove cited the governor’s proposed cell phone tax cut as an example and said more research needs to be done.

“In his budget address presentation, he said it is going to lead to $124 million dollars of savings. The most we can see in the budget materials is $90 million dollars of budget savings,” Grove said.

Shapiro’s bottom line doesn’t add up either, Grove says. The governor’s budget spends 3.7% more than last year, but Grove says that number is 5.9%.

Grove says the increase is due to nearly a billion dollars in state police funding that will run through a special fund.

The bigger picture will become clear as budget negotiations heat up.