(WHTM) – Bringing a bit of York County to the Pennsylvania state capitol.

That’s where more than a hundred students from seven York County high schools joined state senator Kristin Phillips-Hill for her annual “Senator for a Day” program.

They expected to learn a lot and say they did, so what didn’t they expect?

“Senator” Teddy Hill, a senior from Susquehannock High School said, “I didn’t think it would be this fun. I actually enjoyed myself here. We were just sitting in this room. We’re all talking about different things. It’s just very interesting and I didn’t expect to enjoy it this much.”

Pennsylvania State Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill (R-York) said, “They have done their homework on the issues. They’re having really robust discussions and debates on issues. Legislation that’s being considered right here in the Senate of Pennsylvania and our future is in good hands.”

Phillips-Hill took the students through a condensed version of the real legislative process which was complete with committee hearings, amendments, and final votes on real-life issues.