YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — The men sworn in today said their emotions are high, not only because they are fulfilling their goals, but because of the importance of September 11th.

“You know to be able to be sworn in on a day like today just solidifies and fortifies you know how important this job is and how important you know it is to appreciate those things,” said Tyler Snell, a newly sworn-in fireman.

Nine new members have completed the training and joined the city of York Department of Fire & Rescue which has been in need of some new faces.

“Our staffing numbers have been down for a while. These nine folks are definitely going to help augment that and get our staffing back up to where we need it to be in order to effectively run the operations you know for the department so yeah I’m pleased about that,” Chief William Sleeger.

The department is now up to 67 members thanks to this new group, and even though they can’t wait to get started, getting sworn in on 9/11 weighs on them.

“It’s more of a solemn day so it’s kind of bittersweet to be sworn in on this day but it also goes to show you know I’m gonna come and do my job to honor those fallen as well as those serving still to this day just do my part,” said Kyle Jimenez, a newly sworn in Firemen.

But for others, it is a reminder of what it means to be a first responder.

“It means that you service above yourself you know you’re going in there you’re putting yourself on the line for other people you don’t know you’re there at their worst day and at the end of the day it’s about helping them and making sure that their property and their lives are safe,” said Snell.

New members will be added to the team twice per year, and the next group is expected to join next March.