LEBANON, Pa. (WHTM) –It all started after a grave was never properly covered after a burial Friday afternoon. A downpour washed away the dirt and the coffin resurfaced over the weekend.

Angela Ramsay, who lives next to the Lebanon Cemetery, noticed the grave after the service ended. She said, “it sat until after the storm, uncovered so it was a good four hours it sat uncovered.”

Ramsay also said, “a man came out and started closing the ground by hand, with a shovel… he said the backhoe was busy, they were really busy right now, they had three graves to cover and two to dig, that’s why he was doing it by hand.”

Ramsay and cemetery volunteers blame the cemetery owners and the York Burial Vault Company. Officials with York Burial say it was out of their control, and mother nature came too quickly.

There was an emergency meeting held this afternoon called by the Board of Directors at Lebanon Cemetery. It’s not the first complaint about the lack of upkeep to the historic cemetery. There was no damage to the coffin.

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