YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM)– There is an update on whether a Midstate city is going to get security cameras or not.

Two years ago, business leaders in York began working on a project to add cameras around downtown, based on what they said was a successful camera project in Lancaster.

Not everyone was excited about this so the process has moved slowly.

“I’m glad we’ve reached the stage we have reached with significant funding to carry this study process forward,” Chairman of Better York Eric Menzer said. “We live in a democracy. It’s very important that city council members feel as if any issues or concerns from any citizens have been properly addressed, that accountability measures for the police are in place, that a system is well thought out.”

“The concern is whether or not they will be disproportionately used against black and brown individuals,” Vice President for York NAACP Ophelia Chambliss said. “If it’s a situation where it’s a tough call if the camera favors the police, we hear all about it. So we’re concerned about the transparency, the implementation of them, access to what they’re showing and what is not being shown.”

City council would have to approve the cameras but the city wouldn’t fund them.