YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM)– Graduation day for some York County students and no, we’re not time-traveling back to the end of the school year. This was a different kind of graduation, for a different kind of program that helped these young people gain a new appreciation for their community.

“This right here impacts our lifestyle and our environment,” Program Director Barry Freeland said.

Crispus Attucks York held its graduation for high school students who completed the Codorus Corridor summer enrichment program. A program that changed these students’ lives.

“This Program is needed this type of program is needed by students in the city I was speaking with someone about this when you’re living in an inner city area and especially in lower-income areas you don’t feel like you have ownership over the place you live in,” a recent graduate of Summer Enrichment Program Montika Smith said.

Students spent six weeks covering topics such as hydrology and the regional watershed, improvement strategies for the Codorus corridor, and workforce development opportunities.

“Even if the lesson wasn’t our favorite lesson we all took something away that we can become someday these professionals who are doing something in our community that we want to be a part of,” Smith said.

But most importantly, they say the program reminded them that *this is their home–and they’re responsible for it.

“This is where we live Where we live and we want our community to be just as environmentally safe and enjoyable as any other community wants so this is the impact we want our young people to have their plan on what the Creek should look like,” Freeland said.

In its first year, 13 students completed the program many of them hope to do it again next year.