YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — Autumn Frey is trying to change stereotypes in the gaming world and connect others like her on a growing streaming site she created.

Frey, 25, has been playing video games as long as she can remember.

“It first started with my grandpa. I’m an only child so he would always play with me,” she recalled.

The gaming world isn’t that kind, however. Frey says gamers typically weed out one another by skill, which is especially true for her favorite game NBA 2K20.

“You have to have a certain win percentage. You have to have a certain build,” Frey said.

She says that discrimination also carries over to her gender.

“They tell me to go back into the kitchen. They also give me rude names,” Frey said.

Discrimination without a safe space is why she decided to start Deluxe Dealz, a streaming site hosted on Facebook, mainly for NBA 2K20 players.

Frey treats her stream a little differently than other streamers on sites like Twitch or Mixer.

“They tell me I’m the only streamer that plays with the followers,” she said.

Deluxe Dealz began in July and already has more than 6,000 followers. Frey plays around three times a week, usually with people across the country and Canada.

Frey believes her following is directly linked to the ethos she tries to carry: positivity. Last month alone, she says she gained almost 700 new followers.

“There’s no need to be toxic on a video game. You never know what somebody is going through,” she said.

Frey currently doesn’t make any money from her streams but hopes to partner with Facebook Gaming in the future.