YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM)– Most people living in York County know which school district they live in, well one man thought he knew, but then things got complicated.

Usually, we don’t go over maps this detailed because for the 99.9% of us in the Midstate, we don’t live in this house, which is divided between York and West York. The details may not matter to us but they matter a lot to Nathan Fleming.

“I have three kids, age 12, 10 and my six-year-old,” Fleming said.

Olivia there skating up and down the block.

After asking Flemning which municipality he lives in, whether it be York or West York, for the record he answered right on the border.

“it runs almost one-fourth, if not even halfway through this property where I live at,” Fleming said.

So why is he so sure he’s officially in West York?

“The municipality lookup on the state dot gov website has my address listed as a West York address, with the home school being West York School District,” Fleming said.

Where he went to register his kids for school and got some surprising news.

“We’re not West York residents based on taxes,” Fleming said.

He tries to have a sense of humor about it, and questions about which city Olivia actually sleeps in.

“Her bed’s mostly in West York, as of right now,” Fleming said. “Her TV’s in York City, though.”

But this part is no laughing matter.

“I feel like we should be allowed to go to the bus stop that’s eight houses away,” Fleming said.

In West York, as opposed to the York School that’s a two-mile walk away, first across Richland Avenue.

“It’s a lot of traffic, a lot of 18-wheeler vehicles that are going down there,” Fleming said.

The 10 blocks down Princess Street.

“You would go all the way another maybe eight blocks or so across the bridge, and then you walk through two residential neighborhoods just to get to a school,” Fleming said.

“It’s certainly an oddball case,” West York Superintendent Todd Davies said

Although not an unprecedented one says Davies. Everyone agrees the boundary runs through the house. When that happens the original homeowners get to decide where to pay taxes and send their kids to school.

In this case…

“The owners of the property initially chose to be in the York City jurisdiction,” Davies said.

Why? Well that was back in 1906 so we couldn’t exactly ask them. What matters now is Fleming can’t send his kids to the same neighborhood school where their cousins on the same block go.

“It’s unusual, it’s unfortunate, and it has 100% nothing to do with the kids,” Davies said. “I’m sure they’re great.”

So the question now, is there some way to fix this?

Fleming rents the house but his landlord says he’d be happy to pay West York school taxes instead of York taxes. And why wouldn’t he be? The taxes are actually cheaper in West York.

Would York schools be willing to agree to that if they’re allowed? We have asked them that question and will report on it when we hear back.