YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — A Pennsylvania man has been arrested, accused of threatening Governor Wolf.

According to The York Dispatch, Rocco Naples from Westmoreland County allegedly said he and his friends have a quote, “Bullet waiting” for the governor if businesses don’t reopen.

The dispatch says Naples was upset that some businesses were closed but Wolf’s business, Wolf Home Products, located in York, was up and running. He allegedly called the company’s customer service and threatened the Governor.

The customer-service representative he spoke with sent an email to her supervisor that read, “Customer called in stating he was angry about Governor Wolf closing their companies but keeping his open, he said that him and a couple of his buddies have a bullet waiting for (Wolf) if he keeps them closed,” according to The York Dispatch.

The York County District Attorney’s office is now handling the case.

“Threatening violence or committing violence is not only against these constitutional principles in the laws of the commonwealth, but reprehensible, criminal and will be fully prosecuted by this office,” District Attorney Dave Sunday said.

The DA’s full statement can be seen on Facebook.

Naples faces charges for terroristic threats, he has not yet been arraigned on the charges or had bail set.

According to Wolf’s press secretary, Lyndsay Kensinger, Wolf Home Products does not have a state waiver to remain open during the pandemic, and the Governor has not been associated with Wolf Home Products since 2015 when he put the business in a blind trust.

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