YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — Until now, no Midstate high school student had ever seen a Brood X 17-year cicada, the most famous bunch of all.

In 2038, Tyler Storm, who’s currently 15 years old, will be able to tell a future generation of humans about the first time he saw these cicadas.

Tyler was inside doing homework when “my dad yelled, saying, ‘Hey, come look at this!'” Tyler recalled. There were cicadas everywhere. Still are, outside the Storms’ house in Etters.

Tyler’s sister Olivia was alive when the current cicadas’ parents were. But you’ll forgive her if her memories of the 2004 emergence are a little foggy: She’s 17 now — was eight months old then.

What will they be doing in 2038, when the children of the cicadas above ground today crawl out?

“Hopefully my dream job, which is an animator,” Tyler said. “Stop-motion animation.”

“A police officer,” Olivia said. “I’m in criminal justice currently, so hopefully, that’ll be what I’m doing.”

And why not, if they’re as determined as the cicadas about completing their mission here on Earth.