The fourth industrial revolution is referring to robots and artificial intelligence. 

The first was STEAM, the second was electricity, and the third was the internet. 

When it comes to leading the fourth, companies like Exponential say they’re ready. 

“York is at an incredible tipping point. I feel like everyone can feel it, it’s been coming for a long time,” said John McElligott, of York Exponential. 

There’s about every type of robot you can imagine in their workshop, from sanding wood on a new guitar to pouring you a drink. 

These robots are turning heads. 

“People are coming from across the nation, even the world to see what’s happening,” said McElligott. 

Investors nationwide said during a conference Wednesday, they see York’s potential, and want to help get this technology a part of everyday lives. 

“What we are all shooting for, is to support the companies in the workspace that are creating jobs, in this reason, we want to support them as much as we possibly can,” said John Sider, of Ben Franklin Technology Partners.