YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — According to the Newberry Township Police Department, a minor in York County was found to be in possession of a loaded firearm, a large sum of cash, and controlled substances.

On March 20, officers with the Newberry Township Police received information about drug sales that were occurring within Newberry Township, Red Land High School, as well as other nearby communities, police say.

Police also say that these drugs sales may have been linked to a recent student overdose that took place at Red Land High School. The student became responsive after he was given two doses of Narcan after collapsing in the school cafeteria.

The Superintendent of Red Land High School, Todd Stoltz, mentioned how the district has seen a significant increase in students vaping and using other substances. Students also have been using their vaping devices to vape THC and other illegal drugs, and sometimes these substances have been laced with potentially deadly drugs, like fentanyl.

According to police, on March 21 the Newberry Township police executed a search warrant, in which they seized a loaded firearm that was possessed by a minor, nearly $10,000, and around $10,000 worth of controlled substances.