The latest information on this story can be found here: “Sources: Aaminah and Giana Vicosa, along with father Robert and his accomplice, all dead.”

WINDSOR TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — York Area Regional Police are still on the hunt for Robert Vicosa, who they say abducted his two daughters. They’re also looking for Tia Bynum, Vicosa’s long-time friend and former co-worker with the Baltimore County Police Department.

Wednesday afternoon, police were searching through Bynum’s house in Windsor Township.

“She has not been a bad neighbor. She’s been a good neighbor,” David D’Ercole said. D’Ercole said his wife saw Vicosa’s two girls last week on Bynum’s back deck.

York Area Regional Police say when they pinged Vicosa’s phone on Monday, it was at Bynum’s house, and they say she was not forthcoming with information about him.

When they pinged his phone again on Tuesday, it was still there, but after getting a search warrant, police found neither Bynum nor her car.

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“On the way home, we passed the police vehicles that were circling a vehicle. It’s not that far from us, so we had no idea where he might be,” D’Ercole said.

Baltimore County police confirm Vicosa was fired from his job in the department back in August, while Bynum is now suspended from hers.

Neighbors are just worried about the kids.

“If he turns himself in, he knows he’s gone for a long time. He’s ruined everything and there’s no chance for him, so I think he’s snapped and there’s just no telling what this guy could do now,” Vicosa’s neighbor Tim Coppersmith said.

And police echo that plea for Vicosa to end this now.

“At one time you were a police officer. In your heart, you know that what you’re doing is not right. You are a father,” Lt. Ken Schollenberger with York Area Regional Police said. “You are a father to these two young ladies. Take them anywhere where there’s a responsible person inside that they can go in and call 911 and get help.”

Bynum is currently suspended as a sergeant with Baltimore county police and has been stripped of her police power.

York Area Regional Police, along with Baltimore County police and other federal agencies are now searching for Bynum, Vicosa, and the two kids.