DOVER, Pa (WHTM) – Residents in Dover, York County are cleaning up after strong storms hit the area Wednesday night. 

Northern York County Regional Police said they received 26 emergency calls between 5:45 pm and 7 pm for trees and utility poles knocked over by strong winds.

Because of blocked roads preventing buses from getting around and power outages, Dover Area School district canceled classes for Thursday. 

One person was injured in the storm, according to police. A 51-year-old man was struck by lightning. He was reportedly conscious when emergency crews arrived. 

Connie Mallory from Conewago Township describes the moment lightning hit a tree just a few feet from her home. It arched from the tree to the metal porch where her husband Steve was sitting. 

“His mouth was moving but nothing was coming out. I said you got to tell me something I don’t know what to do, but nothing was coming out of his mouth,” said Mallory. 

Doctors say Steve has a concussion from the lightning strike. Connie’s just thankful he’s alive. 

“They say it’s like a soldier being in the army and the bombs are going off around them, it didn’t hit them, but they felt it. they say that’s what it was like,” said Mallory. 

In Dover Township, power crews worked through the afternoon to get multiple utility poles off Fox Run Road.