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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — The York Area Regional Police Department continues to search for two girls, Aaminah Vicosa, 6, and Giana Vicosa, 7, who were abducted from their family home by their father Robert Vicosa (also known as Robert Brown) on Monday, Nov. 15.

According to police and court documents, Vicosa’s estranged wife contacted police on Sunday, Nov. 14, to report Vicosa had assaulted her in her home in Windsor Township.

According to a criminal complaint abc27 received on Thursday, Nov. 18, during her initial interview with the police, she stated that she received a text message from Vicosa on Sunday asking her to come home to celebrate her birthday with the family. She accepted the invitation.

After the girls went to bed, Vicosa said he had a gift for the wife, a bracelet. According to court documents, Vicosa and Tia Bynum, a close friend and former colleague in the Baltimore County Police Department, then grabbed her by the arms and put a handgun to her head before forcing her down into the basement.

According to court documents, Vicosa and Bynum then tied up her wrists with zip ties and her ankles with black rope and put her on a table on her stomach. Then, after later untying her, Vicosa forced her to snort a crushed Oxycotin fill and smoke marijuana, as well as, touch several baggies of drugs and handle a firearm, bullets, and a magazine.

On Saturday, Nov. 13, she contacted her brother who had voiced concern about her safety. She told police Vicosa threatened her saying if the cops were called that he would kill her, the girls, and himself. She convinced her brother she was okay.

The next day, she convinced Vicosa that she wanted to stay at the hose and persuaded him to allow her to go home and get clothes and her computer. It was at this point that she feared Vicosa was following/tracking her so she went to Target to get help from an employee.

She then drove to Springettsbury Township police to report the incident, and officers there took her to York Area Regional Police to evade detection.

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She says Vicosa remained in the home, in which both girls were present, for more than 24 hours and had multiple firearms, including handguns and rifles. 

On Monday, Nov. 15, afternoon, police say they found evidence of the assault at Vicosa’s home, along with signs of drug use, and a dog found emaciated on the property, court documents show. 

Police learned Vicosa may have been at the home of Bynum, who is considered a suspect in the assault, according to police.

According to court documents, Bynum answered the door to her home on Monday armed with a pistol on her side in a holster. She allowed police officers to look through the home for Vicosa and the children, but they were not located.

Bynum confirmed with officers that she was at Vicosa’s home on Friday evening up until Saturday morning with Vicosa, the estranged wife, and the two girls. According to court documents, she denied going into the basement.

Later that day, police say a woman contacted her son to report she was being held hostage at gunpoint at her property in Red Lion, but Vicosa had fled before officers arrived, according to court documents.  The car Vicosa had been driving, an Acura, was later found partially submerged in a waterway not far from that property in Red Lion.  According to police, Vicosa and the girls found an unoccupied camper at a woman’s home and may have spent the night in there. 

On Tuesday, Nov. 16, police say the woman heard a voice coming from the camper and was confronted by a man who held a gun to her face and demanded a car and rope he could use to tie her up.  Police say the woman did not provide the rope but offered a Volkswagen Jetta as well as blankets for the girls.  Court documents indicate Vicosa stole the woman’s phone as well, and a ping of the phone led to the abandoned Jetta.

Police returned to Bynum’s home Tuesday night, but say neither Bynum nor her car—the black Lexus Vicosa is presumed to be driving—were there.  As of Wednesday, Nov. 17, afternoon, Bynum had not been located.  The Baltimore County Police Department confirms to abc27 that Bynum, a sergeant with the department, has been suspended and stripped of her law enforcement powers.  They also confirm Vicosa was terminated by the department in August 2021 and were working to provide more details as to why.

As of Wednesday, the police have not yet found Vicosa or the two girls. It is still believed the two girls are at risk of harm or injury. A live conference will be held on Thursday, Nov. 18, if there are no further updates Wednesday.

Live conference from Wednesday, Nov. 17:

“I’m sure they’re afraid even though they’re with their father. So yes they could be in extreme danger depending on the circumstances that Mr. Vicosa puts them in,” Lt. Schollenberger said.

Vicosa is an ex-Baltimore County police officer. He was terminated from his position on August 4. According to a Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 4 newsletter, Vicosa was charged with “sleeping while on duty, insubordination, and conduct unbecoming of an officer.” He was found guilty of all charges and was punished with two days’ loss of leave, termination, and termination respectively.

According to Baltimore County Police, in June of 2018 and July of 2019, Vicosa was accused of engaging in improper conduct with three female officers. The alleged improper conduct included the viewing of inappropriate videos while in the officers’ presence, inappropriate remarks of a sexual nature, and leering. A Trial Board found Vicosa guilty on five of six allegations. He was demoted two ranks from Sergeant to Officer, and 45 days of loss of leave.

“Sir you are – at one time, you were a police officer. In your heart, you know what you’re doing is not right. You are a father. You are a father to these two young ladies. We’re asking with you, we’re pleading with you, take them anywhere that you can. Drop them off at a Sheetz, at a Rutters, any convenience store. Take them anywhere where there’s a responsible adult where they can go in, call 911 and get help,” Lt. Schollenberger said in the Wednesday press conference.

According to State Police, Vicosa is now operating a gray Ford Edge with a Maryland Registration 2DT4716.

An Amber Alert has not yet been issued. The police are waiting for more definitive information before sending out an alert.

“We do not want to put an Amber Alert out to have everyone in the public find a male that matches this description with two little girls and have everyone in the world harassing them. We want definitive information that the people we are going after are the people that we want,” Lt. Schollenberger said.

Anyone with information on Vicosa’s or Bynum’s whereabouts is asked to contact the police by calling 911 or by contacting the York Area Regional Police Department at 717-741-1259 or by calling their tipline at 1-800-762-8187. Do not approach Vicosa as he is armed with at least one firearm.

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The York Regional Area Police Department will hold a press conference at 11:00 a.m. Friday, Nov. 18. Watch the live stream in the player above when it begins.

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