YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — People in York say something must change after two teenagers were shot in the span of three days.

On Tuesday, abc27 talked with community members about their big concerns.

To honor a young life post, the York community placed candles on the sidewalk. York City residents were also there to say enough is enough.

“When you hear of young children getting guns in their hands and people are being murdered, it really impacts the entire community,” said Scott Harner, York City resident.

A teenager shot in the city — a headline that has become all too familiar.

Monday evening, police found a 13-year old boy shot on South Newberry Street.

“I think it was about five or six shots,” Harner said.

Harner has been living on the street for five years and heard the shooting happen.

“Ten minutes later, that’s when I saw the kid in the backyard,” Harner recalled. “He was limping with someone helping him walk in the backyard.”

Police say the teen is expected to live. But just a few blocks over, a much different scene.

On Saturday, March 27, police found 16-year-old Tyree Smart had been shot on Newton Street. Officers tried to save him, but couldn’t.

“York is labeled as a violent city but there are some good people that live here, as well,” said Tonya Larry, vice president of The Movement.

And those people, members of The Movement.

“We try to link up with families and just see what’s going on, what problems they are having and just try to help them as much as we can,” Larry said.

The Movement is working to find ways to help parents and put an end to teen violence, but says it’s going to take a community effort.

“We can’t keep talking about violence, we can’t keep talking about what should we do. We need to start doing, you have to do something,” said Anu Banks, The Movement’s president.

The Movement is holding a community prayer vigil on Wednesday and invites everyone to come and talk about how to stop this violence.

The event takes place at noon in Continental Square.