YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — As the community continues to process the loss of 6-year-old Aaminah and 7-year-old Giana Vicosa after they were kidnapped and killed by their father, neighbors held a vigil Friday night to remember them.

Earlier in the day on Friday, complete strangers began adding to a small memorial at a nearby park that was purposefully set up a little further away from the girls’ house to give their mother who lives there some privacy.

Neighbor Nicole Fitchett decided to organize the vigil Friday night. “We’ve been aching all week. We’ve been on pins and needles not knowing what could happen, and then last night when this happened…we were just like, ‘What can we do?'” she said.

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“We thought about doing a vigil just to show mom that, you know, we’re her family. We’re her neighborhood family forever,” Fitchett added.

Dozens of people united with candles burning, singing songs and sharing stories.

“Big smile on their face, every time they see me they smile. They always were respectful. So my heart is broken as well and I will truly miss them,” one neighbor said.

Aaminah wanted to be a veterinarian and Giana wanted to be a scientist.

“The first-grade team purchased a star in Giana’s honor. It’s in the constellation Ursa Major and we want to give this to the family,” said Giana’s teacher from Reach Cyber Charter School.

Strangers, friends, and neighbors gathered to comfort one another.

“Not many of us know the family but we still love the family. We saw the little girls out here playing like any other little girls, so I’m just glad the community’s pulling together in support of the family,” said neighbor Robin Dennis.

Bernard Fitchett lives two doors down from the Vicosa house where he remembers the girls full of energy.

“I mean full of energy. They would be playing on the lawn. They would run around the house. I mean we could see ’em from out back,” Fitchett said. “They had a dog and they would be playing with the dog out back like the dog was a human being.”

The night was about remembering the good times and keeping their memory alive.

Update from abc27 News at 5:

Police confirmed Friday that the Vicosa girls along with their father Robert Vicosa and his accomplice Tia Bynum were shot before their vehicle crashed just over the Maryland state line Thursday afternoon.

The Baltimore County police chief where both Vicosa and Bynum worked called this a tragedy that is “beyond horrific” and a “senseless act of violence that has shaken [the department] to our very core.”

Those feelings are certainly shared in York County where the girls lived.