YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) – A five-mile power line in York County had equipment enhancements performed by Met-Ed, a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp.

These enhancements will help prevent long-service disruptions and are expected to boost electric service reliability for around 2,000 customers in West Manchester.

This is part of the $153 million Long-Term Infrastructure Improvement Plan which will help customer’s electric services to be enhanced.

According to the release, the work included:

  • Revitalizing a five-mile section of a power line that serves homes and businesses in the growing western suburbs of York City by installing new transformers and other electrical hardware.
  • Replacing 36 wooden poles with new poles designed to withstand severe winter
    elements like high winds, ice, and heavy, wet snow.
  • Installing four remote-control devices at key locations on the line to help limit the number of customers impacted by power interruptions from severe weather, vehicle accidents, and other causes.

Scott Wyman, president of FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania Operations: “These upgrades to
our energy delivery system will help prevent or minimize the impact of power outages for our
customers in the West Manchester area. The completion of this work ahead of winter is a win-win because it strengthens our electric system and keeps the lights on for customers when they
depend on it the most to stay warm and comfortable.”

The new automated reclosing devices that were installed will help limit the frequency, duration and scope of service interruptions, and benefit homes and businesses in the area.

The release states that these electrical devices:

  • Work like a circuit breaker in a home that shuts off power when trouble occurs, and, depending on their programming, can reenergize the line within seconds for certain types of outages to keep power safely flowing to customers.
  • Are safer and more efficient because they can allow utility system operators to
    remotely isolate damage, limiting the total number of affected customers while
    restoring service to other customers without sending a truck and crew to
  • Quickly pinpoint the location of the fault and help utility personnel better
    understand the cause of the outage to help speed restoration.

Through the month of September, Met-Ed crews from York County helped complete the upgrades on Taxville Road, South Salem Church Road, and Davidsburg Road.