YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — The York County Board of Comissioners announced on Thursday, Jan. 5 that the county has received Opioid Settlements Funds.

To aid in the process of giving these funds out, the Board of Commissioners created the York County Opioid Advisory Board by appointing local community leaders who are working to eradicate the opioid problems in the community.

The board will give oversight of the funds and make recommendations to the Board of Comissioners on how to distribute the funds each year.

“Through the leadership of Coroner Pam Gay and District Attorney Dave Sunday, York County has been a leader in addressing our communities Opioid Epidemic. York County has been proactive in the legal fight to hold those responsible for the opioid crisis accountable. With these settlement funds, we have the chance to address our community needs and make systemic change to protect our residents and provide the services to heal from this crisis,” said President Commissioner Julie Wheeler.

The first round of applications will be announced in July and issued starting in Sept. – information sessions for applicants are in the process of being scheduled during the months of January and February.