YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM)– If you are looking to adopt an animal, York County SPCA is offering them at a discounted rate.

“They’ll waive adoption fees with the goal of getting as many animals out of the building as quickly as possible,” Executive Director of York County SPCA Steven Martinez said.

In honor of Clear the Shelters month, you can adopt any animal from SPCA with the adoption fee waived through Aug. 27.

“It’s been a very high capacity we’re not totally full yet but we’ve been close to full and so we want to run this clear the shelter adoption event to make sure that we never get full in the first place,” Martinez said.

On the first day 23 dogs left with new families, and SPCA director Steven Martinez hopes they can keep it up.

“Here’s been really busy for us we’ve seen a lot of dogs come in more like record-setting numbers of canine intake and it’s happening at the SPCA here locally but also around the country,” Martinez said.

There will be daily events to showcase the different animals available for adoption.

“There are a lot of reasons to adopt an animal one is because you are saving their lives And I think they know that that builds a bond that will never be broken and that’s a special thing I think animals are social glue they’re the common bond that brings people individuals communities together,” Martinez said.

Even though, you can adopt animals at any time…the sooner the better.

“When there’s many animals here just add to the stress and then also you translate that over to the human side where we have to care for all these animals so we can’t give as much attention to that,” Martinez said.

For more information or to fill out an application visit About Adoption : Adopt : York County SPCA (ycspca.org)