YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — A new resolution has been issued by the York County Commissioners stating that a county-wide burn ban now includes a ban on fireworks.

The burn ban began on June 5 and originally did not include fireworks. This new ban states that all fireworks are prohibited by the resolution unless approved through written authorization by the municipality having jurisdiction. This is in addition to banning any open burning within the county.

Along with fireworks, the resolution defines open burning as the ignition and burning of any combustible materials such as but not limited to garbage, leaves, grass, twigs, paper, or vegetable material, outdoors either in a screened or unscreened burn barrel or on the ground.

Campfires, in the designated state, federal, or Department of Environmental Protection licensed campgrounds, are allowed, but only in fire rings that can contain the fire.

The resolution states that this ban supersedes any municipal ordinance to the contrary.

Anyone who violates the burn ban commits a summary offense and could be fined $100 for the first offense, $200 for the second offense, and $300 for the third offense if they are convicted.