YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — York Habitat for Humanity celebrated another family moving into their forever home on Saturday.

Stephanie Simmerman came to York Habitat in 2019 after becoming a single parent. Because of the pandemic, finding a new home was put on pause.

Over the past three years, Simmerman went under financial counseling sessions through the program. York Habitat worked to secure a property located in Dover Township that was left vacant due to a house fire.

On Saturday, March 11, Simmerman and her son who turned eight years old, got the keys to their new home.

“It feels amazing, overwhelming, and somewhat hard to even describe. It just feels like he’s getting his present, he’s getting him forever home, somewhere stable for us to be able to live,” Simmerman remarked.

“She’s waited so long for this, she’s such a good mom, she deserves it and she’s worked really hard for it, so we’re so excited for her,” Natasha Kukorlo, associate director for York Habitat for Humanity said.

The three-bedroom home was built by Simmerman and nearly 200 volunteers from 10 churches as part of York Habitat Faith Build.