HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — People are spending less due to rising costs, and The Federal Reserve System wants people to spend less to ease inflation. But, in the meantime prices will continue to be tough on our wallets.

It’s easy to see the change, just look at the cost of eggs.

The average price for a carton of eggs in Pennsylvania is $4.57, according to Instacart.

Is it inflation, the avian flu, or price gouging?

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“Feed is way up, diesel fuel is way up, so it isn’t all avian flu, but it’s mostly avian flu,” said Scott Karns, president of Karns Foods.

“You don’t just take 58 million birds out of the economy across the country, almost five million birds in Pennsylvania, and not see an effect,” said Grant Gulibon of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau.

Lancaster County was among the places hardest hit, where millions of birds were killed to prevent the spread.

“Right now we’re seeing the delayed effect of that lack of supply of especially laying hens,” Gulibon said.

But Gulibon from the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau says this doesn’t tell the whole story.

“The input costs farmers face oftentimes, most of the time, need to be passed along simply because we can’t take on all of that costs ourselves,” he added.

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To ease inflation, the Federal Reserve has been working to get Americans to spend less, and now, we are. However, the Fed is expected to approve another interest rate hike this week.