GHENT, WV (WVNS) — With the beautiful weather arriving, hummingbirds are starting to appear in greater numbers. Some people have even set hummingbird feeders out in their yards to attract the birds.

But with any hummingbird feeders, there is a chance of insects that are attracted to the sweet sugary nectar as well. How can you keep bees and other unwanted creatures away?

Choose the Right Feeder

According to, if you want to keep wasps away, choose the circular feeders with small, deep holes on the top of the base. These are perfect for hummingbirds, but wasps will not be able to reach into them, so they will most likely fly away.

Color War

Yellow can also attract wasps, while red is more attractive to hummingbirds (and not so much to wasps and vermin). It is also recommended to avoid yellow decorative pieces, like yellow flowers, on the feeder.

Clean Feeder, Clean Eater

You should always clean your hummingbird feeder on a regular basis. If you clean your feeder regularly, it keeps wasps away while still making sure that your hummingbird visitors are eating safe, clean nectar.

To clean your feeder, scrub it thoroughly using either vinegar or a mild dish soap and water, then rinse well and let it air dry.

Hang in a Shaded Spot

Many insects, including wasps, like to feed while in the sun. Try to hang your hummingbird feeder in a shaded area where fewer vermin will find it or have access to it.

What Not to Do

Even when trying to keep insects away from hummingbird feeders, it is vital to avoid anything that may put the hummingbirds in danger. A popular myth says to put Vasoline, petroleum jelly, or oil on the pole or outside of the feeder, but this is not a safe option for the birds. It could prevent them from flying, or could even kill them.

Also, you should never put insecticide on your hummingbird feeder as this can be deadly to birds.