DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) – One of the pro-Trump extremists who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday and was recorded leading a mob through the building has been identified as Des Moines-native Doug Jensen, according to sister station WHO-TV.

Jensen was caught on video and by still photographers as he led a group of fellow rioters up the stairs of the Capitol as a sole officer inside the building retreated.

Jensen shared these photos on his Facebook page Wednesday morning from a rally led by President Trump where speakers shared debunked conspiracy theories about election fraud and false claims about the legality of the 2020 election.

Jensen can be seen wearing a T-shirt with an eagle and the QAnon conspiracy theory motto “Where we go one we go all.”

Still photos taken by a Getty photographer inside the U.S. Capitol clearly show Jensen standing at the front of the pack of insurrectionists.

Huffington Post reporter Igor Bobic shared this cellphone video on Twitter that clearly depicts Jensen leading the charge up the stairs to the second floor of the Capitol as police retreat before him.

Jensen was not one of the 13 people who were arrested Wednesday at the Capitol. He has been active on his social media accounts on Thursday, including Twitter posts where he identified himself in photos in the U.S. Capitol.

Washington D.C. police and federal investigators have begun the process of trying to identify rioters photographed occupying the United States Capitol on Wednesday.

Local police are offering rewards of “up to $1,000” for help identifying photographed individuals, according to an online posting from the DC Police website.