(WHTM) — The Navy Recruiting Command released a statement saying that future Sailors and Prior Service Members are eligible for bonuses and loan repayment up to $115,000.

“The maximum current enlistment bonus is $50,000, and the maximum loan repayment is $65,000,” said Rear Adm. Lex Walker, Commander Navy Recruiting Command. “They are not mutually exclusive, so if a Future Sailor maximizes both, that adds up to a life-altering $115,000, and the opportunity to serve in the world’s finest Navy.”

If you are looking to qualify for the bonuses, you must meet the following qualifications and descriptions:

  • Future Sailors and NAVET/OSVET applicants must be able to ship by September 20 of this year
  • Veterans must enter Active Duty in pay grade E-4 or below, meet specific bonus eligibility, and not have received a bonus in their first enlistment
  • NAVETs are applicants whose last tour of active duty or active duty for training (AD/ACDUTRA) was in the U.S. Navy or U.S. Navy Reserve, have been discharged or released more than 24 hours, and who completed a minimum of 12 consecutive weeks of AD/ACDUTRA
  • OSVETs are applicants whose last your of AD/ACDUTRA was in a branch of service other than the U.S. Navy (Army, Air Force, Space Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard) meeting the same requirements

“If you are a Sailor, Marine, Airman, Soldier, Guardian, or Coast-Guardsman who recently separated, this is an opportunity without precedent,” said Walker. “And if you have student loan debt, you could be eligible for the Loan Repayment Program if you ship in any month of any fiscal year while the program remains active.”

NAVETs going back into active duty do not attend Navy recruit training, but are ordered to Recruit Training Command Great Lakes for in-processing, while OSVETs are not required to attend Navy recruit training but are required to complete a three week Naval Orientation Course at RTC Great Lakes. They must pass the same evaluations a typical recruit at boot camp would.

New high school seniors are included in The Active component EB High School (EBHS) that includes $10,000 for seniors who enter the delayed entry program by October 31 of this year and graduate before shipping in July 2023.

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