(WGHP) — This time of year, you know that they’ll be under the table looking up at you with those big, irresistible puppy dog eyes.

The dog wants the Thanksgiving feast. They crave it. And they’re not too proud to beg, either.

But what can your dog eat for Thanksgiving?

There are a lot of things you can share with man’s best friend during Thanksgiving, but there are some things that they definitely can’t have. The American Kennel Club has a handy list on their website.

So while you enjoy mashed potatoes loaded up with butter, milk, garlic and salt, Fido can enjoy plain cooked potatoes safely. Same with your green beans — perfectly fine for the pup, but skip out on sharing the bacon you cooked it with.

Border collie peeking over the edge of a dining table during a family dinner party at a table outside. (Getty)

SAFE: Potatoes

Potatoes, both sweet and regular, are a healthy snack for your dog. You can find lots of sweet potato-based treats for them in the stores, or you can simply bake them their own potato to enjoy while you indulge in some mashed potatoes and gravy or sweet potato casserole. Remember no additional spices or ingredients.

UNSAFE: Stuffing or casseroles

Turkey stuffing can be the highlight of a good Thanksgiving meal for people, but there are too many things in there that aren’t good for dogs. This also applies to casseroles.

Things with lots of fat or extra ingredients are a no-go for the pooch overall.

Above view of happy family having breakfast in the morning at dining table.

SAFE: Turkey meat

It’s perfectly fine to share a few scraps of turkey meat with your pup if they’re behaving. Or if they’re just really cute.

Just make sure you remove all the skin and bones, because those are definitely to be avoided.

UNSAFE: Turkey bones/skin

Poultry bones are far too brittle for a dog to safely munch on.

If you want to throw a dog a bone, go to a pet supply store and find one special for them to enjoy while the rest of you eat your meal. Save your turkey bones for turkey stock!

Skin is also unhealthy for dogs due to the fatty nature and the spices you (hopefully) used to cook your turkey, so save that for yourself.

SAFE: Green beans or peas

But snacking on lightly cooked plain green beans or peas is definitely an option for a deserving dog. Creamed peas should be avoided due to how fatty they are, but there are many vegetables that our furry friends can enjoy while we drown all of our vegetables in cream and butter.

UNSAFE: Onions

Anything in the onion family (onion, garlic, scallions or green onions) are going to be unsafe for your dog to eat. Onions are very toxic to dogs and can cause anemia.

SAFE: Pumpkin

Just like potatoes, plain, lightly cooked pumpkin is a very healthy treat for your dog. It has a lot of good vitamins and nutrients, and you can save the seeds to make a snack for yourself!

UNSAFE: Grapes and raisins

Grapes, like onions, are toxic for dogs and should definitely be avoided. Raisins are a common ingredient in stuffing, as well, so that’s just one more reason to avoid sharing the stuffing with your pup.

Bad dog jumping up on counter stealing Thanksgiving holiday dinner turkey (Getty)

Overall, the key here is that processed foods or things with lots of ingredients aren’t going to agree with your dog.

So no, they can’t eat your mom’s green bean casserole (neither can anyone else, we know) or a heaping pile of mashed potatoes. That doesn’t mean they have to be completely excluded from the festivities either! There are plenty of things that you’ll have on hand for Thanksgiving that’s perfectly fine to share with your dog.

They’re a member of the family, and we’re always thankful for them, so load them up with plain sweet potatoes and a little bit of turkey so they know just how grateful you are!