NEW YORK CITY, NY (WHTM) — With the smoke from Canadian wildfires blanketing most of the northern United States, it is making cities in the area look like they are on Mars, rather than on Earth.

The pictures below were provided by Nexstar station WUTR. It shows the famous Radio City Music Hall and a dystopian, orange haze over the skies of New York City.

The Empire State Building’s Facebook page shows a very smoky scene over one of the city’s most famous buildings.

The Federal Aviation Administration paused some flights bound for LaGuardia Airport and slowed planes to Newark Liberty because the smoke was limiting visibility. The smoke also was contributing to delayed arrivals at Dulles International Airport outside Washington.

U.S. National Weather Service meteorologist Zach Taylor said the current weather pattern in the central and eastern U.S. is essentially funneling in the smoke. Some rain should help clear the air somewhat in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic this weekend or early next week, though more thorough relief will come from containing or extinguishing the fires, he noted.

The Associated Press contributed to this report