HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Harrisburg joins one of the several capital cities across the country where protests rage. Varying national polls indicate, however, that protestors are in the minority opinion regarding shelter-in-place orders and reopening.

Citizens are frustrated at how statewide shutdowns have been handled. The issue has largely centered around demanding firm guidelines, answers, and expectations toward a fluid situation that has been dictated by statistics and data.

  • Quinnipiac found that almost 70% of Republicans favor shelter-in-place at the national level, while more than 80% of Americans are in favor across party lines.
  • Navigator research found that just 17% of Republicans felt that we should relax social distancing, with just 9% of Americans in favor across parties.
  • Morning Consult has found that 74% of voters support national shelter in place, with the potential measure getting 72% support from Republicans and 81% support from Democrats.

Those polls indicate that while protestors seem to have garnered overarching national support, they appear to represent a smaller group than the broader consensus.

Thousands have gathered at the capitol in Harrisburg to voice their frustrations while clamoring to reopen the state.

Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine has previously decried the continuation of mass gatherings due to the dangers they could pose in spreading the virus and further extending stay-at-home orders.

“If they get out of their cars and not practicing social distancing and not wearing masks and
having personal contact and shaking hands, if they’re not frequently washing their hands and not using hand sanitizer and came from various areas of Pennsylvania, that is a public health risk and I am concerned for their health,” Levine said.