(The Hill) — Several states where reproduction rights are at risk are seeing a surge in women registering to vote following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade case, abolishing the constitutional right to abortion.

An analysis by Targetsmart Insights, a Democratic political data and data services firm, found that women are out-registering men by significant margins in states where reproductive rights are in danger of being repealed, such as Kansas, Wisconsin and Michigan.

In Kansas, women out-registered men by 40 percent, making 70 percent of all new registrants women. Earlier this month, the state successfully rejected a proposed amendment that would have paved the way for the Republican-led state legislature to ban the procedure.

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However, Kansas was not the only state to see an increase in female voter registrations.

In Michigan, where legal battles are taking place over abortion rights, women out-registered men by 8.1 percent since the decision by the Supreme Court.

Last week, a state judge blocked county prosecutors from enforcing a 91-year-old law banning abortion in Michigan while courts consider a lawsuit seeking to overturn the law.

In Wisconsin, where it is now a felony for virtually any abortion to be performed, except in instances where it is needed to save the mother’s life, women have out-registered men by 15.6 percent since the Supreme Court’s decision.

In Louisiana, women outpaced men in new registrations by 13 percent since the decision while in Pennsylvania, women out-registered men by 12 percent.

“This isn’t just a blue state phenomena. In fact, it is more pronounced in states where choice is more at risk, or has been eliminated by the decision,” the CEO of Targetsmart tweeted.

Abortion is currently legal in Pennsylvania, but the next governor will likely see a bill that would further restrict abortion rights.

The question is whether Pennsylvania’s next governor signs or vetos it.

“I am pro-life. It is the number one issue,” said Doug Mastriano, the Republican Party’s candidate for Pennsylvania Governor. Mastriano said during the abc27 gubernatorial primary debate that he believes life begins at conception, and he would prefer no abortions with no exceptions.

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“Everyone deserves a chance to live,” added Mastriano.

The Pennsylvania legislature, which is controlled by Republicans, has tried to restrict access to abortions, however, Gov. Tom Wolf has vetoed their attempts.

Josh Shapiro, the state’s Attorney General and the Democratic Party’s gubernatorial candidate, says he will veto any abortion bill that he believes Mastriano would sign.

“He is dangerous, he is extreme, and he is way out of touch with where most Pennsylvanians are on this issue,” said Shapiro of Mastriano.

The PA Family Institute, a pro-life organization, claims that Shapiro is in fact the one who is out of touch, calling him, “a hero to abortion extremists, using taxpayer dollars and the power of his office to join lawsuits against sensible abortion laws in numerous other states. He joins with Planned Parenthood in supporting late-term abortions right here in Pennsylvania.”

Shapiro says these claims are “nonsense” and that he will support and defend Pennsylvania’s abortion laws up to 23 weeks into pregnancy with consultation from a physician, and after 24 weeks if a woman’s life or health is at risk.

Mastriano supports much tougher laws, such as the heartbeat bill, with much tougher penalties.

Mastriano says that doctors who perform abortions in Pennsylvania should and will be punished if he wins the governor race.

Following the original leak of the ruling, Pennsylvania’s current Democratic governor, Tom Wolf,  said in a statement that he would refuse a request from any other state to arrest or detain any out-of-state resident who had traveled to Pennsylvania to seek an abortion, as well as anyone providing or assisting with it.

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Gov. Wolf signed Executive Order 2022-01 on Tuesday to back up his statement. The order immediately ensures that out-of-state residents may enter Pennsylvania to access reproductive health care services in the Commonwealth.

Since taking office, Gov. Wolf has championed abortion access by vetoing three different anti-abortion bills passed by Pennsylvania’s General Assembly and vowed to veto the rest.

General election day is on November 8.

abc27 contributed to this report.