FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) — A number of people have spotted singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey in Alabama, where she’s reportedly recording, visiting friends, and … working at Waffle House?

The singer, originally from New York, was first sighted in Birmingham on Monday at a nail salon. In an interview with Nexstar’s WIAT, 21-year-old Jordan Suttles described his experience with the “Summertime Sadness” singer.

“I saw her sitting [in one of the chairs] and I basically did a double take and I thought, ‘Oh, this must be like a look-alike’ because I knew she just did a concert in Canada,” he said. “But I immediately put my hand over my mouth in utter shock and she just smiled at me, waved and laughed a little.”

That night, Del Rey made it up to downtown Florence where fans got the chance to take a photo with the six-time Grammy-nominated artist.

But it was a few days later when Del Rey was spotted at Waffle House, that really raised eyebrows: She wasn’t just stopping in for an all-star special, but wearing a uniform and a name tag. Del Rey was also spotted pouring coffee for customers, Billboard.com reported.

“The Waffle House employees gave her a uniform and name tag,” Macy Ladner said in a post about getting to meet Del Rey at a Florence Waffle House. (Photo credit: Macy Ladner)

“She said she knows many people want Oscars, but she wants to be in a Waffle House serving coffee,” Macy Ladner, another fan who got the chance to meet Lana at Waffle House, said.

She added that Del Rey told her she was recording in the area and visiting with friends.

Later that evening, Del Rey went shopping in the Seven Points neighborhood, still wearing the Waffle House uniform.

Del Rey has yet to publicly comment on her shift at Waffle House, so it’s not entirely clear why — or how — she got the gig. Her connection to Alabama, though, has at least been documented in song, specifically the track “Paris, Texas” off her most recent album.

“I took a trip to Spain, just a notebook in my hand” she sings. “Then I went to see some friends of mine, down in Florence, Alabama.”