(WHTM) — Seniors could soon get a much-needed boost in monthly payments. Social Security is set to announce the biggest benefit hike since 1981. Patricia Barrow lives in Harrisburg, and she says seniors are feeling the pinch of inflation.

“Nowadays we really have to work longer. A lot of seniors are even having to go back to work because social security isn’t enough,” said Patricia Barrow, a resident of Harrisburg.

Barrow says when it isn’t enough, they have to adapt.  

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“It makes you think twice about errands or even food. The menu planning has to change. Luckily I like to grow vegetables. That helps,” Barrow added.

The Senior Citizens League says the cost of living adjustment for people receiving benefits could be as high as nine percent. Sarah Alkire is also retired, and she says even that might not be enough.

“It has to garner me at least a $100 more a month and it’s not going to even do that. That would be great,” said Sarah Alkire, a resident of Harrisburg.

The Lancaster Office of Aging has received a lot of calls from seniors, saying the same thing.

“Everything is going up. In addition, the last few years those people who’ve been on Medicare they have seen their premiums go up. I think that is what is affecting them as well as changes in housing and the economy,” Kristin Jones, the Lancaster County Office of Aging.  

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Alkire says this potential bump would help alleviate some of her concerns.  

“I would like to for instance to see my daughter more often who lives in Rhode Island but I hesitate because gas costs a lot,” Alkire added.