(WHTM) — It isn’t the officially the holiday season until Starbucks gives out their reusable holiday cups. Starbucks announced that tomorrow, Nov. 17, they will be giving away free limited-edition reusable cups.

Starbucks announced that the cups will be returning for the fifth year and customers who purchase a holiday or fall beverage on Thursday, Nov. 17 will receive the cup. The cup is available at participating stores while supplies last.

This reusable cup will feature a white ornament with a celebratory message for the 25th anniversary of the red cups. It is made with 50% recycled content as part of Starbucks goal to reduce waste by 50% by the year 2030.

You can receive the cup by placing an in-person order, an order in the Starbucks app, or for Starbucks delivery.

Starbucks encourages customers to bring their reusable cup to Starbucks. If you bring a reusable cup you’ll receive a $0.10 discount on your cup, and if you’re a rewards member you’ll earn 25 bonus stars when you bring back your reusable red cup for future orders.